Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Let the stars speak of a different time,
And an unknown city sleep like the sea
Strangers will talk of their past,
As the night accosts them with its breath.
Your body is lit up by flashlights of a flash flood traffic.
Open your chamber of secrets,
You should know strangers guard them well..
Wake up the dreaming cactus with your laughter.
For all you know we would be
In different cities tomorrow
Separated by 15 minutes on the G.M.T dial.
And for all you know i would regret
Not touching your lips
And be spring to a leave-shorn tree...
You would not sleep tonight
A taxi will take you away...
Like a mother dragging her child
From the evil inducing candy shop.
Let the muted protests
And cries of longing
Blossom Leaves on that sleeping cactus..
Let the cactus sprout leaves
In the city of forever winters....