Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Through the Train Window

Frosted glass-- dirty glass...glass like human heart
My nose pasted heavily on it
looking out, seeing in..roads rush by,
Silent roads...fictive and real
Measured steps of animals..Two legged mostly
Fighting solitary worlds, as I envy them.
Maybe one day i would farm like them
Tilling land with fertile hearts
Irony indeed...
My source of jealosy may also envy me.
Come to my world you naked child
Price tagged clothes hide the emptiness within
And you are decorated by your nakedness
How i yearn for your ignorance
Waiting to unlearn life's lessons
Kings and Queens reign in my card pack
You are your own king
And I, enslaved by my freedom
Maybe one day i will come home happy
Now i crave the first and dread the second
Could I dream the dreams i want to dream?
The cold gnaws at my skin
Better than my life gnawing away
I want more..so much more
All i want is to want nothing........

Saturday, September 17, 2011


A darkened room, a cloistered soul..
Solitude clad by clothes...
As hands and fingers start talking
Lips do not move
What moves are two shapes...and one and a half empty soul
They try to conquer each other...love has become war...
Its a game of the vanquisher and the vanquished
My shadow in the moonlight wins..smiles and says
You forever will be but a shadow....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Is this how goodbyes are meant to be?
Silent, unassuming, ignoring
A wave receding from the shore.
The frothy sound of bubbles bursting
Feet hardly wet
And before you know, it is forever gone.

Is this what goodbyes have come to?
A silent memory, a mine worker, toiling in the deep
And a roaring flash-flood in the heart
Desert eyes-- hotel receptionist smiles
And the sudden remembrance of times spent
Time stopping-- like an elevator mid descent
Panic stricken at having not forgotten.

Goodbye to you then-- Adieu for another time
Like we silently wish when we see each other
Goodbyes have ceased to be painful
I have come to know
How an absence of pain hurts.
We have floated light years apart
Like selfish storm clouds
At the sight of the desert.

We follow different traffic lights
Clouds in the sky- torn from heaven
Never to find each other
Never to miss.
Somewhere i will be dark, You white
I'll rain sometime- or hold myself back.
Droplets and thunder
You may hear me rumble far away
See me kiss the ground- or wrapping my arms
Around a girl's first rain dance
And whisper "ADIEU".

Monday, September 12, 2011

Shopping Mall Lives

Windows they say are windows to the world
What windows were you staring at?
Grilled, stratified, sunlight creeping in
Your silence...creeping, crying out
Smothered by my betrayal.
You missed me- and i chose not to miss you.
Missed calls...so many blank messages later\
You still stared out.
Nonsensical dreams
Distorted visions...
World decorated by bonsais and Japanese dolls
Puppets ourselves- strings pulled and snapped.
Moments captured in mega-pixels
Memories deleted by a single click
Six and a half years in recycle bins.
Maybe even i stared out,
Wish i had looked in..And saw YOU
Faces had merged- Lives separated.
Singled out.
Tortured, Burnt and Yet restored
Brought back from the life in between.
Our world- lived on the borders
Tight fitting garments- New, glossy, uncomfortable.
Be with me again.
Old bodies, souls bought from shops.
Weekly visits to mall decorated lives
Separated by glass windows.
Once beggars in our riches
Now richer in Nothingness.
At least we have each other.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Aakash Chhoanr iche onekdiner
Onek raater shopner khorak
Megher opor Neel er Chaador
Taar abohawa doptorer khoborakhobor
Proshner brishti bhejato maati kamrano mon
Shei Aakash chhoanr icche Onekdiner.

Koto Chhotoi na laagbe amaar ochena shohor
Shoru Shutor moto Biborno nodi
Refugee Camp er dike Haththe thaaka
Khudartho Manusher moto
Megher Tukro..Aakasher Paathorkuchi.

Brishti Shuru Hobe Paaer Tolaay
Mathar opor tokhono bidyuter Choaan
Oshobdhanotai khuje pawa surjer aalo
Hotath kore haarie jawaar bhoi
Shei haariye jaawar ichchei je onekdiner.

Aakaasher nodi cheere jaawa ek bindoo srot
Desher ghum e bideshi shopno dekhbaar jor
Chaa er cup e Foucault, Balisher pashe Beckett,
Aaj meeshe aache aakash chhoanr muhurte
Chhad er opor theke Akash dekhto je mon
Shei mon je Aaj Akash chhoaar o baaire