Thursday, July 4, 2013

Night-time Sky

Like the silence which greets the news of a death or unexpected joy
A silence pregnant with possibilities,
 A virgin darkness and an attraction of the 'out there',
 Little stars winking from another time.
 The moon, the bored queen of a kingdom of frivolity and mirth,
The vast blackness- 
The blackness of human heart. 
Silence, that which precedes a storm, 
Or that which exists in space 
Between two armies just before the battle trumpet is blown. 
Home to so many dreams, 
so many corridors of better existence. 
Sometimes a fleeting aircraft molests the purity of that void. Sometimes a shooting star crowns its sanctity.
 The stillness, 
The mystery...
Just the pure joy of existing as nothingness.


Abin Chakraborty said...

it seems ur in a good spell.these brief sparks are interesting pieces.flashes of poetic prose.what would be the genre of this? cant figure out.but keep them coming.

sayan said...

i don't know about genre classifications myself..and i guess in the postmodern world, no meta narrative of genre classification does exist. the truth be told, satabdi gave me a nice diary to write something i have decided to write something on myriad topics every other the posts go...i am happy that you are liking them

Vandana Sharma said...

I like the personification of darkness

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Sayan, your portrayal of the moon as female (and bored at that!) was most unusual. I loved the peace this poem brought to my frenetic morning, and I thank you for linking up to Real Toads! Peace, Amy

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This poem made me think of the night sky - a calming interlude, as I read. Magical.

Susie Clevenger said...

The night sky is so much in its darkness...something different for each of us. I enjoyed the personification and the bored moon. Nice work!

Kalyan Panja said...

beautiful words....lovely lines!!