Friday, July 15, 2011


You want me to earn you? - You precious lady
What do I have to win you over?
You create poetry with words...Carry the fiction of a happy family
Time values you.
You smell of Keats, Shelley and the lines of Browning.
Your sweat carries the efforts of a warrior
Your pale pink lips paint colorful words
adding life to our sepia toned lives
and You want Me to win you over?
Let me rather lose to you
Lose my arrogance of youth
The audacity of Freedom
Let me give you my poetry..To better your Reality
My darkened skin and brightened wit..All for YOU tonight.
My Yanni for your noise.
My history for your past...My Atlas for your spaceless-ness.
My library visits for your family squabbles.
My book-fair visit for your 5 by 4 single bedded room.
All that i have learnt...For all that you will Learn.
All that i have remembered...For all that you have Forgotten.
My surrender for your escape..
My dreams for your aborted vision.
Now that you have all that was mine,
Precious lady...Will you lose to me tonight?
And let us earn each other??


suchetana said...

nice...nice...have hrd dis one..din kno it was up here...u rock..wish i can b like u one day

Abin Chakraborty said...

just oshadharon!
absolutely wonderful!