Monday, July 4, 2011



We were once strangers..what followed was stranger still
Walking out of boring classrooms into coffee shops

Favorite songs on the Jukebox..Cappuccino on our tables

Nervous calculations over money...Miserly finances

Conversations Gambled on Russian Roulette

The sudden found luxury..Naked appetite of a refugee camp
The glass doors remain..only the mirrors are painted black

Our old selves mocking and sneering from the other side

We, strangers, laughing at the strangeness of what preceded


It was strange when you walked into my life
Stranger it was when we walked together
The long winding road of posh buildings and poor dwellers
Squeezing our dreams between bricks and stones
Destroying their houses...Creating our home.
Beginning our "After twenty years lives"...Suspending the NOW
Young misfits in a speculative world of comfort
Forever possessing the lease of that plot of land
Our assured Citadel amidst the Waste land reality.


25th December, Park Street..JESUS just a few hours old
The magi got him gifts..don't know what he did with them
HIS birthday another pretense to meet
Candlesticks lighting up our lives..and HIS altar
The bleeding body pitying our injured souls
We both have carried our crosses
And yet, a church is anyplace with you by me


The four rupee fantasy of Twenty years ago
Five Olympics, few friends and many gifts later
Your hunt for my dreams
Hitch Hiking...Shop combing...empty home-coming
Colored flint..spy-glass shape..worth a million
You found it...outshining others' expensive fantasies
Wish i hunted for your SEVEN Years' old dreams
And Prevented some of your nightmares...


t . said...

i know this is 'for satabdi'.. but i still have the audacity and the ignorance to 'comment'.

this is a dream. just something that someones dreams while sitting by the mississipi river smokin a joint.

that's all i had to say.

sayan said...

i frankly don't know how to take this analysis of yours...can't be sure if it's a compliment...a bit of help would be appreciated..