Thursday, November 17, 2011


I saw Winter walk by last night
Veiled Woman, Sighs of ice, Thiefly steps
As Municipal guys turned off street lamps
She sought refuge through half drawn shutters.
Tragic queen eyes, Machiavelli smile
Matahari delight at her untraced guile.
Her drama and darkness keeps us under wraps
And me at the street corner.
Etherised Nature, Our frozen tears.
And when she invites her sisters
From the roof tops of the Alps
I crave for that theatre
Her opera...Her tragedy
My Numb heart lit up with Bavarian snow.


Dave King said...

Poem and image comment very aptly on each other.

Morning said...

creepy imagery.

sayan said...

Morning.....i hope it wasn't crappy imagery:-)

Ella said...

I love the imagery you used! How blinded we can be and yet our voice reminds and guides us~
Well Done

sayan said...
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sayan said...

thank you ella...:-)

fяєє ѕριяιт said...

I love this one ... as I think I have told you before ! Very close to one I had written in vision. One of your best till now :)
way to go !

sayan said...

thank you slug