Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cartography of Love

Let it be Vienna my Love,
Let it be a December evening
Trudging along with April in our hearts
Down the city plaza
Where soldiers marched 70 years ago
Our new found faith
Our opened up hearts
Like the shutting down of Concentration Camps.
Peaceful graveyard
Where the little girl from the last century
Still sleeps her 12 year sleep.
We walk by bullet holes
Mortar wounds and silent Cannon shots
Echoing in the narrow by-lanes of the city.
History preserved in museums
In a city where pubs come alive
In a twilight called Cappuccino.

Let it be Florence my Dearie
Michelangelo smiling, Vinci half asleep,
And Vassari snoring in forgotten Chronicles.
The city square bathed with
A distant roar from a football stadium.
The muted souls on fresco walls
Giggling at us, two silent speakers
Soaked in traffic lights inside a taxi
Lips staring at each other,
Your strawberry lip gloss mocking my parched tongue
An "Inquisition" into our past
And a Renaissance of our souls
Yet we walk with a freedom,
Of a gladiator with his newly won,
Wooden sword.

The Promise of Ithaca
The call of Atlantis
Be it Warsaw, Milan, Hwang-Ho or Tokyo
Promises of love...Sonnets of pain
Etched on the knees of David
The walls of Louvre
The lips of a troubadour
Water of the Danube.
Fingers Curling around each other
Bridges that separate.
And when i reach your doorstep,
Your promise of the Chalice
Is deferred for another day....

Let it be Vienna my LOVE....


Abin Chakraborty said...

Had you not been off the market, this one would have floored many! Alas!

fяєє ѕριяιт said...

I thought you would edit it a bit before you put it up :)
Never mind !
@Abin : You bet ! :D

sayan said...

@free spirit....i didn't want to edit..just kortei parlam na