Friday, February 3, 2012

Iceberg Lipgloss

A floating iceberg you are tonight
In the backseat we were continents apart
Your straightened hair mocked the wind
We sat crumpled, un-ironed for months
Bruised souls and tattooed skin
Pierced nose, a bleeding heart
Angry words like poisoned darts.
Teasing, pleasing...Lip-gloss on collars
And our black and white nights
Shine in the forgotten albums of the city.
Operas run in empty theatres
The poet has too many visitors
Life is like Chaplin's movie tonight
Your eyes the log book
Of a storm driven cruise liner.
Iceberg heart light me up tonight
Make the Backseat inches shorter,
And your bus stop a million miles away.


Abin Chakraborty said...

fabulous poem brother.somebody has given you a magic wand you are shooting poems with unprecedented frequency and splendour!Vamos!

sayan said...

i am so glad you like it..wasn't sure of it myself...i was teaching wordsworth to certain unfortunate souls...and while doing so, scribbled on my writing pad..these lines came out

Abin Chakraborty said...

too much of an honour for Wordsworth, or the unfortunate souls...but then again, we rarely have control over our inspiration.

Isadora Gruye said...

I can feel drafts all the way over here. There are some great lines you have employed to describe the tumultuous times of a love gone distant. In particular, I fancied the idea of eyes being the log book of a storm driven cruise liner, I found that stunningly clever. Great work.

booguloo said...

Great free verse.

Cairenn Rhys said...

This swept me away... wonderful write. Great work. Looking forward to browsing your archive for more treasures.

sayan said...

Isadora Gruye...thank glad you liked my work

sayan said...

thank you

sayan said...

please do..would= be waiting for your response

Rhonda Palmer said...

mmm-hmmmm. Very good work here. Do you write everyday?

Summer Rain said...

love the imagery, wow.

sayan said...

not everyday...when it comes to me, i just scribble:-)

sayan said...

thank you:-)