Sunday, March 4, 2012


They said you were seeing someone new
New flashlights, new Starlight
New fabrics on skin.
Old colonial sidewalks resounded with
A new pair of laughter.
Coffee light dusks and Cineplex afternoons.
Meetings, precious like
Grandparents’ anniversary photos.
And then the cobra pangs of jealousy
Hit me, Bit me.
Sunset horizon was green
And Sunrise dipped in chlorophyll.
They said you were unsure,
You’d walk a million mile more
To hold his hand.
And a few silent steps.
To trample on my heart.
The last twist of the dagger
And the green eyed adder.
A space shuttle is what I need,
To fly away, to places where
Roses are still red,
And your signature still the same.
The rhyme, the rhythms are all green tonight
For Iago is my name.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, this is freaking amazing. The chlorophyl sunset - a really new image. You have described this emotion so well I can almost taste it and it SO well done! "A few silent steps to trample on my heart." Yes!

booguloo said...

Jealousy is one emotion that is all consuming and self destructive. "The last twist of the dagger..." Nice write.