Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dooars Chronicles no. 02

There are bridges between you and me
That do not connect you and me,
Bridges which separate you and me
bridges which burn you and me.
Bridges that drive wedges,
And create chasms between you and me,
Bridges which rattle,
When I profess love
Stand for a million miles between you and me.
Between this end and that
The spectral presence of your past resides
He walks slow,
He walks steady
Pulling you away from my love and me,
Time ticks like a bomb,
Time which he denied,
Now your past like a reeking wound
Festers and stinks between you and me.
You say you need more time
And I give you more love,
For nights like these
Are made only for you and Me.
When you are fast asleep
In a world without you and me,
The night refuses the dawn
To smear, with longing, you and me.

1 comment:

Abin Chakraborty said...

there is a force and violence in this which resonates.