Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Once upon a time Valentines

Some have faded like old photographs,
Some with the turning of gramophones,
Some like yellow leaves falling,
Have walked out.
A few had lingered like old memories
And some born with the fate of honest politicians
Were banished.
Some masters in deception,
Tricked Satan with kisses.
One went away with a very kind April with her.
Some wandered,
Guitar strings in fingers,
And Baez crawling down their cheeks.
A few wrote letters,
A few cast fetters.
One shouted too long,
One demanded a song.
Some whispered, Some seduced.
Stitched hearts, pain reduced.
One went to war, poems in hand,
Building and furnishing castles of sand.
While some remain,
Like ghosts in a deserted house,
Coming alive once in a while.
Most have faded like old photographs,
Some like discarded clothes
Remind me who I was.

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