Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yet Untitled

Whispers which are lost between
Words lying side by side,
Or in the white noise when the heart
Shifts from one Fm Station to another,
Those words you want to decode?

Meanings which are mired within
Entangled fingers of long lost days
Between the pains of sudden joy
And the crackling heart pining in love
Those words you want to unearth?

Clock hours which lose themselves
Between the siblings of today and tomorrow
Days and nights which swirl with ice
In the evening ritual of forgetting lives
Those hours you want to count?

Summers which have walked away
Ranting at bees for not buzzing too loud
And winters which arrive like country guests
Who don't know when to leave,
Those days you want to live?

The sea waves which to and fro
Tick like a child on a swing,
Nights which come and go,
Like thoughts and words in my midnight pen
That poem you want to read?

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