Thursday, July 24, 2014

How I Love You

I love you,
Not with the raging intensity
Of a wildfire,
Or the lasting wrath of the ocean
Upon the light-house steps.
Not even the incessant reminder of gnawing hunger.
My love for you is not,
Water rushing out of floodgates,
Nor the freshness of spring
With a calender on its nape.

Rather, my Love,
Is like a river through a city,
Deep and silent.
Like a star, a million miles away
Constant for another million years.
It is indelible,
Like the scar of the first heartbreak.
It is the constant nagging
Of a leaking tap,
Or an inquisitive child.
I love you,
Like a promise of redemption,
With time on my hand,
Like a simple man would,

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