Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vacation Abroad

These waters which kiss my feet
Bring me the news of your vacation abroad,
Begging, clamouring for a poem neat,
Written on your vacation abroad.

It could have been me by your side,
Watching the Pacific sipping wine,
Follow sea gulls shriek and cry
Your words and fingers entwined in mine.

Watching the sky, the light-house glow
Complete the Great Bear joining dots,
Sit side by side, talking slow
Throwing pebbles and picking lots.

Let time flow laden with age,
The morning next come creeping,
Like a child clenching his fists in rage,
On his way to school unwilling.

Cut to present these visions recede,
Like the waves which touch my feet,
It's not me whom you are with,
And the visions remain a poem neat. 

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