Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Is this how goodbyes are meant to be?
Silent, unassuming, ignoring
A wave receding from the shore.
The frothy sound of bubbles bursting
Feet hardly wet
And before you know, it is forever gone.

Is this what goodbyes have come to?
A silent memory, a mine worker, toiling in the deep
And a roaring flash-flood in the heart
Desert eyes-- hotel receptionist smiles
And the sudden remembrance of times spent
Time stopping-- like an elevator mid descent
Panic stricken at having not forgotten.

Goodbye to you then-- Adieu for another time
Like we silently wish when we see each other
Goodbyes have ceased to be painful
I have come to know
How an absence of pain hurts.
We have floated light years apart
Like selfish storm clouds
At the sight of the desert.

We follow different traffic lights
Clouds in the sky- torn from heaven
Never to find each other
Never to miss.
Somewhere i will be dark, You white
I'll rain sometime- or hold myself back.
Droplets and thunder
You may hear me rumble far away
See me kiss the ground- or wrapping my arms
Around a girl's first rain dance
And whisper "ADIEU".


Abin Chakraborty said...

eloquently elastically ecstatically beautiful!

sayan said...

i am blushing now

fяєє ѕριяιт said...

splashing ! striking ... beautiful !

Olive said...

aww..."an absence of pain hurts"? there was an unspoken goodbye before the spoken one. this is painfully beautiful. loved it. ~Olive Tree. http://peaceroad.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/hate-me-then/

Olive said...

Hi, by the way, although I have posted my comment above, I just want to say that to get to my current blog, don't click on my name right next to the Blogger B symbol. that blog is no longer used. Instead, copy and paste that wordpress link. Did you know that those with Blogger account are the only ones that can comment? There weren't any other choices. Just fyi. Sorry for the confusion on my comment above.

Morning said...

impressive expression.

Other Mary said...

This is so evocative. I particularly like the phrase, 'hotel receptionist smiles' oh, describes it perfectly.

sayan said...

morning....thank you

other Mary....i know it does....making, and faking day in and day out...

olive...there were no spoken goodbyes...it was just this poem

Judy Roney said...

Wow, so intriquing and true. We have those relationships that, perhaps(?), go on longer than they should. I love the held in this poem and the truth of it.

Laura Maria said...

Fabulous! I love all the emotion in this.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh my goodness, this is fantastically beautiful and eloquent. "Adieu for another time".........beautiful flowing poetry.

sayan said...

thank you:-)
your views inspire me to write..and write better

Erick Flores said...

This is very beautifully written. Great diction!
-Erick Flores


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

You have a wonderful way with metaphor!

sayan said...

thank you erick...:-)

sayan said...

rosemary..i just try...sometimes it just comes out well

the wild magnolia said...

very descriptive phrasing forms pictures in my mind, using natures elementals, and life experiences to zing goodbye, success. I feel goodbye.

the ocean photo is breathtaking, showing it big on this blog, take me there.

great job!

sayan said...

the pic is of the KOVALAM BEACH...in south india..went there last september...the ocean is something that you have to see for yourself....its one of the best in the region

Ella said...

I love all of the weather and natural elements you added~
Well Done~

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

I am not often at a loss for words ... hmmmmmmmmmmm

This piece is so sensual that is begs for either a cigarette which I quit years ago or just some sighing satiated silence. Exquisite .... Delighted that I stopped by....

(apologies for appearing in this black exclamatory triangle - I cannot seem to escape)

sayan said...

thank you..glad you like it

sayan said...

i am happy that you like it...hope you would stop by more often..glad to get your feedback