Monday, September 12, 2011

Shopping Mall Lives

Windows they say are windows to the world
What windows were you staring at?
Grilled, stratified, sunlight creeping in
Your silence...creeping, crying out
Smothered by my betrayal.
You missed me- and i chose not to miss you.
Missed many blank messages later\
You still stared out.
Nonsensical dreams
Distorted visions...
World decorated by bonsais and Japanese dolls
Puppets ourselves- strings pulled and snapped.
Moments captured in mega-pixels
Memories deleted by a single click
Six and a half years in recycle bins.
Maybe even i stared out,
Wish i had looked in..And saw YOU
Faces had merged- Lives separated.
Singled out.
Tortured, Burnt and Yet restored
Brought back from the life in between.
Our world- lived on the borders
Tight fitting garments- New, glossy, uncomfortable.
Be with me again.
Old bodies, souls bought from shops.
Weekly visits to mall decorated lives
Separated by glass windows.
Once beggars in our riches
Now richer in Nothingness.
At least we have each other.

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