Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Through the Train Window

Frosted glass-- dirty glass...glass like human heart
My nose pasted heavily on it
looking out, seeing in..roads rush by,
Silent roads...fictive and real
Measured steps of animals..Two legged mostly
Fighting solitary worlds, as I envy them.
Maybe one day i would farm like them
Tilling land with fertile hearts
Irony indeed...
My source of jealosy may also envy me.
Come to my world you naked child
Price tagged clothes hide the emptiness within
And you are decorated by your nakedness
How i yearn for your ignorance
Waiting to unlearn life's lessons
Kings and Queens reign in my card pack
You are your own king
And I, enslaved by my freedom
Maybe one day i will come home happy
Now i crave the first and dread the second
Could I dream the dreams i want to dream?
The cold gnaws at my skin
Better than my life gnawing away
I want more..so much more
All i want is to want nothing........


Mystic_Mom said...

"enslaved by my freedom" what a great phrase in a wonderfully crafted poem. Loved how you pulled this all together. Nicely done.

Kay L. Davies said...

"All I want is to want nothing" ...I think that's what we all want, in one way or another.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

sayan said...

For K....yes...being simple is the most difficult thing i guess...

Mystic Mom...i am happy that you liked it..but i thought it could have been better...i guess getting better never stops..

Kerry O'Connor said...

Many lessons to be learned by looking outward.

Thank you for sharing your work on Real Toads.

Suchetana lahiri said...

if not mistaken..have read dis before...u can stop bein modest and proclming how beautiful u write

sayan said...

well..i think i have written better elsewhere or at other times...this was kinda alright